Letters to the Editor

Want a job? Then look your very best

Regarding the letter "Piercings keep him unemployed" (July 28): The writer believes he was denied employment due to his lip piercing and ear piercing and ear stretching to threequarters of an inch.

The owner of the business is the one who worked hard, saved his money and expended his energy to found the business and make it successful. He has earned the right to set a standard for his employees. The employer is not bound by law to supply you with employment, nor does the law entitle you to demand employment.

In the future, when interviewing for employment you should put forth the best image possible. If you flunk this test in the interview process, why should the employer expect that you would be successful? I also suggest that you attempt to ascertain what qualities the employer might find desirable and attempt to present these to him.

By your description of yourself, I believe the employer saw an applicant whose appearance stated he does not abide by the general rules of society. If that is the statement you choose to make, that is your right; but it is also the employer's right not to hire you.


Los Banos