Letters to the Editor

Losing an election doesn't frighten him

In response to "Political stunt or just ignorance?" (Aug. 4, Letters) concerning my support for the Oakdale Irrigation District to collaborate with Oakdale Unified School District in building a wellness and aquatic center: I have spent 50 years working to make Oakdale the best community possible. I will not mention the many committees and organizations I have served on. I also enjoy serving on the OID Board of Directors. Not being re-elected is not the end of the world. As a matter of fact, I would sleep better, worry less and probably enjoy life more. Being on a board in Oakdale has more headaches than a pain-pill commercial.

Before this issue came before the board, I had asked our general manager to get an opinion from our attorney. The attorney said we might be challenged in court, or we might not. Ten days before the issue came before the board, I believed two other directors would support the project.

The writer of the letter has an ongoing dispute with OID in which I do not take his position. That, to quote the letter, is the real "political stunt" being performed here.


director, Oakdale Irrigation District