Letters to the Editor

Bridge disaster not the GOP's fault

Where to begin in response to "Look to Republicans for disaster blame" (Aug. 13, Letters), about the bridge collapse in Minneapolis. Did a Republican have anything to do with the following?

1. Poor design for gusset-plate connections at wide-flange girders.

2. Welding of said connections.

3. Fatigue of welds or adjacent material, i.e. dynamic loading. Constant load of traffic from more than 40 years of use. Even steel has a life span.

4. High carbon content of steel (brittleness) inherent in steel used in the fabrication and erection of the Minnesota bridge.

In order to receive federal tax dollars for new construction or retrofitting of existing infrastructure, the federal government requires that the state have a minimum of 50 percent of the total cost of the project on hand. This legislation has never changed because the current administration has nothing (other than a veto) to do with congressional appropriations. Don't remember seeing that in the headlines. As for inspection, that is the responsibility of each state. Each state passes infrastructure legislation with earmarks for that purpose.

The Iraq war has nothing to do with the tragedy that happened in Minnesota. Get your facts straight before you spout such nonsense.