Letters to the Editor

Radanovich out of touch with reality

Recently we received a letter from Rep. George Radanovich, R-Mariposa, in response to a petition we signed supporting legislation to reduce global warming. He seems to recognize some changes in the environment, but states, "Scientists have yet to come to an agreement over the relative contribution human activities, and natural causes, have on global climate change. More research is needed."

We have learned that there is a consensus of most scientists by reading articles in The Bee, Harper's Magazine and Newsweek, watching documentaries on TV, and from other sources. We also see there are private groups, such as ExxonMobil, whose scientists don't agree; their motives don't have anything to do with promoting the public good.

Aug. 5, The Bee ran an article titled "House passes $16B in oil company taxes" (Page A-12) about giving tax breaks to renewable energy and conservation efforts. George Radanovich was among California Republicans who voted against the measure.

We are concerned and want a legislator who is in tune with reality, unbiased, and who will vote for measures that will promote the greater good for all the people.