Letters to the Editor

Many part of fund-raising effort

Regarding “Persistent fund-raiser has brought in $700K” (Aug. 9, Page B-1):

In standing before the grand staircase at the Gallo Center for the Arts, I represented a myriad of people who made the Medical Friends campaign a success: Two of my co-chairs, Lily Banisadre and Nancy Staahl, helped put together the committee and worked tirelessly throughout the campaign; the other two co-chairs, Rachael Mixon and Mary Heck; Ann Endsley, who came up with the name, Medical Friends of the Arts; the other 20 ladies on the committee; Marsha Venn and Toshi Cruz-Hart for the dentists and Gary Hall for the chiropractors; numerous staff at the Gallo center; and the many doctors, dentists, pharmacists and chiropractors who have contributed. Thank you all.