Letters to the Editor

There's money to be made from wedding venues

Why is it that other counties have wedding venues and welcome them with open arms?

I suspect they tax them, regulate them and create very clear rules that they operate under. Stanislaus County needs to do the same.

There is a lot of money to be made by the county in allowing this.

When a couple has a wedding in this county, caterers are hired, along with photographers and videographers, not to mention florists, event companies, tux shops, bridal shops, and the list goes on.

These events reach out and touch countless other vendors, who in turn spend their money and pay their mill taxes in this area.

This is good business and the Board of Supervisors needs to realize the next time it drives down one of our bumpy county roads, we could use the income. We can do this correctly. If the board put as much effort into creating a positive atmosphere to help this industry, instead of department heads spinning their wheels and our tax money to stop it, we could benefit from all the couples who want to come and get married.