Letters to the Editor

Give voters a voice, not developers

Regarding "Salida is Now" (Aug. 8, Page A-1): County Supervisor Jeff Grover was quoted as saying, "This keeps the county and the Board of Supervisors in complete control. It doesn't leave it up to the ballot box."

Perhaps Grover should choose his words more carefully. His quote would appear to be saying that individual voters deciding issues is not a good idea, or that at the very least, the general population of the county should not be trusted to make a choice about future growth.

After reading the article, it is not the quotes by our supervisors that really causes me concern, it is the underhanded way that once again developers and a few locals will control the future of Stanislaus County. How ridiculous that this plan could even be considered until the vote in February. Whichever way the Stamp Out Sprawl initiative turns out, the people who drive the congested roads of this county and struggle to breathe should have a louder voice than developers who again and again turn a quick profit and leave us all to deal with the mess.