Letters to the Editor

Follow the money in presidential race

It is evident that The Bee features articles pertaining to presidential candidates obtaining cash at the expense of substantive articles on issues. For instance, the story "Romney picks up plenty of valley cash" (July 17, Page A-1) implies this endeavor is the essence of running for office.

The reality is that corporate and other entities have effectively diminished this country's democratic process (i.e., one "pays to play," and the Supreme Court equating free speech with campaign donations).

The Bee and other major media would best serve the public by running front-page articles delineating the effects of corporate dominance of the political system. It is not by chance that as the population overwhelmingly favors universal health care and an end to the war in Iraq, Congress and the Bush administration thumb their noses at public sentiment. There are billions of profits garnered by military contractors and the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

Why not publish in-depth accounts of corporate control of the political system and data, typified by Sen. Hillary Clinton being the No. 1 benefactor of contributions from the pharmaceutical industry?

The real story is the undermining of democracy. Please consider being an advocate for democracy, not a contributor to the corruption of the democratic process.