Letters to the Editor

Late suspect's family has right to sue

Regarding the letter "Will late suspect's family file a lawsuit?" (Aug. 9): How heartless can the writer be?

Everybody is somebody. The "suspect" was a father, brother, son, friend, cousin, uncle and a solider. We are all innocent until proven guilty. He will never get his day in court. What if he didn't steal and these WinCo employees killed him? Even if he did, his crime didn't deserve death.

A smart employee should have taken a pen and a paper and written down the license plate number — not rushed him to the ground. Now his family, his son and daughter who loved him so much, will not have their dad. I think the family is hurting enough and didn't need to read your rude comment in the paper. Because they did.

And to answer your question: The family should file suit.