Letters to the Editor

Supervisors: Rethink West Park

Recently, Gerry Kamilos sent out a letter and was a guest on a televised segment of "West Side Stories," promoting his West Park project on the 1,500-acre former Crows Landing Naval Air Base. Both events raised serious questions and concerns.

Why did our supervisors encourage a project this size? Overlaying 4,500 acres of the best farmland in the world? Where's the water coming from to support this project? Patterson recently has had problems supplying the southern part of the city with water.

Kamilos estimates "six trains daily to Oakland with 30-50 cars per train taking two to three minutes per train to pass through Patterson." Every time a train comes through, Patterson is split. Hospitals in Modesto and Turlock on the east side, ambulance station on the west. Responders will deal with 12to 18-minute delays daily, unacceptable from a public safety standpoint.

Imagine the infrastructure this project requires, and consider the increased air pollution created by train traffic and the additional population the project brings: serious concerns that need solutions prior to consideration, let alone approval.

Supervisors: Get growth off the brain, stick with the original 1,500 acres and listen to the West Side leaders and your constituents.