Letters to the Editor

How about a little domestic aid?

Would someone please explain what has happened to the great United States of America? Why do we send so much of our American tax dollars to rebuild and support foreign countries and ignore the needs of our own veterans and senior citizens? Why is foreign aid more important than supporting our soldiers who fought to protect our freedom?

I realize there are specialized organizations such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion and the Coalition to Salute American Heroes created to help veterans, but their support should only be secondary to that our own government supplies.

Why do members of Congress continue to vote themselves raises, thousands of dollars, when the increase for someone on Social Security doesn't even cover the cost of living and is offset by increased deductions for Medicare?

The U.S. government has borrowed from the Social Security fund and isn't planning to repay the debt. We are required to pay our debts; the government should be held to the same standard.