Letters to the Editor

Domestic union fails to represent members

Something is wrong with the United Domestic Workers of America and the way they treat home care workers in Stanislaus County. I was told I had to join the union if I wanted to be paid for taking care of somebody in their home. I pay $35 a month in dues. Before I had to join the union, I worked for the county's In Home Support Services, and I didn't have to belong to a union.

Last time there was a fight for a raise, the union told the workers about what they were asking for us. We were asking for $10 an hour, but we got $8.84; all the union did was send out a copy of a contract and a ballot.

Now I am hearing home care workers are locked into the contract for three years. Unions in other counties get to vote for a raise every year. This year, we're told we would get a raise in January and now they say in October. I will be looking for another kind of job.