Letters to the Editor

Treatment plant doesn't preserve farmland

I attended the Livingston general plan update workshop and City Council meeting on Aug. 7. The city's No. 1 area of importance (according to its plan) is agricultural preservation. Yet the City Council approved a new wastewater treatment plan that wants to use 80 to 100 acres of farmland and turn it into sewer ponds.

This land is outside of the city's existing and proposed sphere of influence. The city manager even said at the public meeting that there are "procedures" the city could use to acquire this land. (Eminent domain, anyone?) There is land east of and adjacent to the existing treatment plant that is being planned for development. Since this farmland is going to disappear anyway, wouldn't it make sense to expand the sewer plant to the east?

It would, except the city is greedy and cares more about the developers' dollars than the 14 or so farm families whose lives they will ruin. These farmers are not city residents, so we cannot vote for the City Council. Our voices are being ignored.