Letters to the Editor

Article supports foes of spay-neuter

While I have enjoyed The Bee, for the most part, since my recent move to this area, some articles have caught my attention, and not in a good way! Does someone actually edit and approve the articles? How is it possible that articles like "Low-cost neutering clinic closes doors" (July 28, Page B-1) make it to print?

The words do nothing to promote spay-neuter clinics and the services they provide. From the descriptions, "with a twist and a pull, Nikki's uterus plopped out" and continuing with "Hemostats — the medical equivalent to vise grips," the story has given support to all those who maintain that to spay or neuter is nothing but cruelty to animals.

I am sure every spay-neuter clinic, shelter, stray dog and feral cat would like to thank The Bee.