Letters to the Editor

Getting major parties to pay attention

It's state budget time again. And, once again, a political power play has stalled its adoption, costing millions of residents (mostly the poor and infirm — surprise), and halting needed projects. If you're a voter, it's a good time to ask, "Why am I voting for any money-driven major-party candidate"? This time it's Republicans vs. Republicans (apparently they're just bored), but this scene has been played out many times by both parties. It's time for change!

Next time you vote, look at the entire list of candidates. Do a little reading. Surely, someone on that list follows your views more closely than the middle-of-the-road Demorepublicrat you would normally vote for. Imagine feeling like your vote counted.

If just a third of us voted for a "minor" party candidate, the major parties' leaders might get nervous enough to listen to the voters.