Letters to the Editor

Thanks for standing firm on budget

The article "Democrats targeting Denham" (Aug. 9, Page B-2) spoke volumes about what is wrong with our current leadership (an oxymoron?). Apparently Sen. Jeff Denham is trying to do his job by pushing for a balanced budget. It seems the Democrats are trying every underhanded scare tactic they can to intimidate a good man trying to do the right thing.

Stacey Bohlke, spokeswoman for Denham, states that he wants to eliminate a $700 million deficit from a $145 billion budget and cited examples of wasted taxpayer money, such as spending $1 million for furniture in the state controller's office. Is it really necessary to spend a million dollars of taxpayers' money on furniture?

Page A-6 of Thursday's Bee contains a budget article ("Top Demo threatens GOP over budget") that quotes Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez as saying, "Political hostage taking is not the way to do business, and we can't reward it." Taxpayers and voters could do without the one-sided double talk from Núñez.

From those of us who support a balanced budget, thank you, Sen. Denham, for standing firm.