Letters to the Editor

No R-rated movies in our schools

As a member of the Board of Education, I take my job very seriously. I am opposed to showing R-rated movies to our students and have voted against them since the policy was made in 1998. Since then the board has approved 53 R-rated movies. I believe that our students have a right to a safe place to learn free of vulgar language, violence and graphic sex. I voted against the movies at our board meeting last week. I was in the minority and lost the vote.

Many board members trust the opt-out policy, believing that it sufficiently informs parents. But many parents are still unaware we are showing their children these movies. Many do not read or write in English or Spanish, and many never see the form because it is buried in the inch-thick packet sent at the beginning of the school year. Our job as board members is to do what's best for all students entrusted to us, and I believe showing R-rated movies to minors is inappropriate.


Modesto City Schools Board of Education