Letters to the Editor

Credentialed teachers are available

Re. "Teacher shortage looming" (July 27, Page B-1): I graduated from California State University, Stanislaus, with a bachelor of arts in liberal studies, and completed the credential program and my student teaching. I've passed all state-required tests. I've received my preliminary teaching credential for multiple subjects. According to the state and No Child Left Behind, I am a "highly qualified" teacher.

So, why did I get upset reading this article? Because myself, my friends and many others can't find jobs. Districts aren't hiring multiple-subject credentialed teachers because our credentials limit us to teaching grades K-6. It's funny since my credential states that I can teach grades 12 and below. Four friends and I went to the Stanislaus County teacher recruitment fair and were turned down by every district there.

I will go back and get a supplementary credential so I can teach math or science in a higher grade. If districts will work with multiple subject credential holders, they might get more applicants.