Letters to the Editor

Oakdale dispensary served patients

Regarding pot arrests linked to the Oakdale cannabis dispensary ("8 pot arrests in probe of dispensary," Aug. 1, Page B-1): The article gives the reader a sense that there's some sort of undercover drug operation going on here, and I think this is unfair. This dispensary, along with all the others I have been to as a medical patient, is very thorough in checking IDs and prescriptions before even letting a person 10 feet in the door. The operators want these places to be successful, and I really don't think they'd let just anyone in to purchase marijuana and risk losing their licenses.

The article mentions that people complained to police. Who would do this and why? The place is subtle and quiet and is helping so many people like me, who would rather use natural remedies than destroy our bodies with pharmaceutically produced garbage that will most likely have some major ill effects.

I wish the public would reconsider its views on such issues. The fight against marijuana is a waste of time and money.