Letters to the Editor

Gallo-style fund-raising for animals

After reading the July 29 Bee, four articles struck me as being more than a coincidence:

  • "Distemper outbreak points up inadequacy of aging animal shelter" (Page B-1) reported on the shameful conditions at the Stanislaus County animal shelter.
  • "Euthanasia reduction just statistical" (Letters) points to the ongoing problems at the shelter.
  • The lovely front page of Parade magazine contained "How intelligent are animals?"
  • Most troubling, the front page of Work & Money (Page D-1), "What's in a ranking?"

A community is judged by many factors, not just economic strength. Do we, as a community, deserve a higher ranking than 373rd out of 373?

If we cannot do better with ongoing problems at the animal shelter, shame on us! Why can't a fund be established to improve the conditions by private donations, similar to the drive for the Gallo Center for the Arts?