Letters to the Editor

Writer had 20 years to get rehab

In response to the writer of "Do I deserve life for petty theft?" (Aug. 4, Letters): In your own words, you have spent more than two decades proving you are unable to become a productive member of society. You are the perfect example of why the three strikes law was written. You are chronically criminal. You say you haven't hurt anyone but yourself and family. How about the increased cost of goods and surveillance because of thieves like you? How about the store employee who's had to stop conducting business in order to deal with your stealing? What about my tax dollars going toward defending, housing and feeding you and providing medical, dental and drug rehab benefits for you again and again? You don't mention whether or not you have children who must be cared for while you're high, incarcerated or busy stealing. At least in jail I know you won't strike again.