Letters to the Editor

Call 911 or let thief help himself?

My neighbor and I have boats in our RV parking areas. At 3 a.m., my dog starts barking. I assume it's a neighbor coming home or maybe just a cat, but still I go out to check and to quiet my dog. Everything looks OK, but my neighbors are away and I'm keeping an eye on their place. I go through the gate and see a gangster type in their boat removing audio equipment. I yell at him; he pulls a knife, comes towards me, threatens me and runs after doing significant damage to the boat. I was lucky. Apparently he also was in my boat, but the dog ran him off.

Next time, do I call 911 and tell them my dog is upset and cower in my home? Shouldn't I have the right to be safe in my own yard? Should I just let the thief help himself? Should I arm myself in case someone tries to do my family or me harm?

Next time, instead of the burglar making the choices I'll make the decision to defend myself, or walk away — if that's even an option. It's time to make a stand.