Letters to the Editor

Withhold tardy officials' salaries

This state budget impasse is a perennial problem. My late husband worked for the state in the 1960s and '70s, and every year we would wonder if we were going to get our check at the end of July. A couple of years we got promissory notes, and only because the state employee credit unions would accept them were we were able to meet our obligations.

The legislators and governor should not get a paycheck until the budget is passed and they should forfeit their salaries for the time the state is without a budget. In addition, they need to be fined something for every day the state is without a budget. They need to have a personal financial consequence for not passing a budget; then maybe they will get their job done on time.

When a private citizen fails to pay a bill on time there is a financial penalty; why shouldn't legislators and the governor have to suffer a penalty as a consequence of not passing a budget?