Letters to the Editor

Don't endanger yourself over a 6-pack

After reading "Police always tell us not to get involved" (Aug. 2, Letters), I have some advice for the writer from the perspective of a peace officer who works at a valley agency. A police officer struggling with a suspect who is trying to take his firearm and someone making a "beer run" are two very different situations. The second is a property crime, which I don't believe average citizens should put themselves in harm's way to prevent; the first, a life-and-death situation.

The "stern scolding" the writer received from the officer in Turlock may not have been delivered with tact, but it was meant to protect you. I hope most citizens would be able to apply enough common sense to know that aiding an officer in a fight for his life and stopping beer thieves are two incredibly different situations.

As a peace officer, I applaud and appreciate those citizens who would come to my aid in a situation similar to what officer Romel Cuellar and Sgt. Ray Coyle faced.