Letters to the Editor

Dog lovers shouldn't let pooches breed

To the families planning the dog wedding and breeding ("Puppy love," Aug. 3, Page B-1): If you love dogs as much as you say, why are you even considering breeding them?

If you want another maltipoo, check the pound; if there is no maltipoo there this week, check back next week. Or go online to a rescue group. I am sure you will find one there that needs a home.

I live in the country. People drop their "beloved" pets off out here all the time. I have kept four; all wonderful pets and all now spayed and neutered. The rest we call Animal Control to come pick up.

The lucky ones make it to the pound; the rest are hit by cars or attacked by other animals. Please do not add to this problem by breeding.

I have a bitter place in my heart for people that think their breed of dog is so special that we need more. If you love dogs, get them altered.