Letters to the Editor

Outsourcing: A national disgrace

I have read in The Bee ("Hershey is fined $140,000 in injury," July 31, Page A-1) that Hershey was fined for violations of safety procedures. This plant is closing, and the company will be opening one in Mexico. An accident like the one that happened in Oakdale, with a worker losing an arm, will not cost nearly as much — probably nothing — in a Mexican plant, and wages will not be nearly as high. It is much easier to exploit workers in Mexico.

I also read that Dan Costa, a Modesto businessman, owns a company that manufactures and sells law enforcement uniforms. The uniforms are made in Asia. Costa got started with a sandwich shop in Modesto. Now he gets cheap labor in Asia.

I don't know where our local government buys its uniforms for law enforcement, but I hope they are made in America. I will give up eating Hershey bars unless they are made in the United States. I recently heard that The Fresno Bee, a sister to The Modesto Bee, was now outsourcing some of its work to workers in India. It is a national disgrace how American businesses are sending all of our jobs overseas.