Letters to the Editor

Gallo center tickets cheaper than SF's

I read the wonderful article ("A full house of acts," July 23, Page A-1) and I am so excited to see fine entertainment come to Modesto. Many have complained about the fees for Gallo center tickets, but I compare the fees to plays in San Francisco or concert tickets at Arco Arena. I have purchased five sets of tickets to different shows and am anxious to be a part of this wonderful entertainment Modesto now has to offer.

The price of the tickets averaged $33. Where can you even go to a movie theater anymore without spending $20, including popcorn? The ticket prices are reasonable when you consider plays in San Francisco costing $150-200 each.

Fine entertainment comes with a price, but forgo one movie and see an exceptional show at the Gallo center, and be excited Modesto finally has a place for the fine arts.