Letters to the Editor

Salida Now is really a result of 'prostitution'

Your article on Aug. 2, "Developers pay initiative's tab" (Page B-1), was a real eye-opener. The first line read: "Developers paid nearly all of a $400,000 bill to put the Salida Now initiative before the Stanislaus County voters in November." As described, not only did developers pay for the initiative, but also large amounts of money were given by developers to these supervisors for their campaigns to get elected to the board.

When a man pays a woman so he can have his way with her, we call it "prostitution"; in our state, prostitution is illegal. What do we call it when the building industry pays a politician to have its way? Unfortunately, we call it "business as usual."

I wish the people who live in Salida all the best in their attempts to become a city. Just don't let big money call the shots, because you will wind up with lots of empty promises. Housing is a net drain on a city's infrastructure. Let's not go down that road again.