Letters to the Editor

Prison guards earn every penny they get

Re: "Want to top the governors salary? Become a California prison guard" (Aug. 6, Page B-4). Why is it that every time an employee of the state, county or city makes a decent salary by working overtime, The Bee feels it necessary to smear them in an article about it?

In this one you attempted to make the guards look as though they are fleecing the system, or getting salaries they don't deserve. These prison guards work in deplorable conditions and earn every penny they get. They are working in institutions where they are under constant threat of attack, having urine and feces thrown at them and working hours that the normal person wouldn't consider. To imply that there is something amiss with the overtime pay these brave men and women earn is an insult to corrections officers throughout the penal system.

I suggest you publish a comprehensive review of the salaries paid to Bee employees so readers can decide if cuts should be made in your salaries to lower the cost of a subscription, or to make sure that nobody on your staff is getting paid more than we feel is fair.