Letters to the Editor

'Hams' against hate speech

I am an amateur radio operator and have been for some years. Bradley Smith was never allowed to behave as your story ("Man indicted in hate crimes against his neighbor," Aug. 3, Page B-1) states on ham radio frequencies. I and my fellow "hams" will not tolerate such actions on ham radio.

I have been told of Smith's actions, but always in the context that such actions took place on CB radio. Citizens band radio is frequented by operators who are not required to be licensed. It has long been my opinion that CB radio should be outlawed.

Ham radio requires study and the taking and passing Federal Communications Commission-approved tests for each level of license.

Ham radio is also self-policing in that ham radio operators track down and turn in anyone who transgresses the FCC rules on ham radio.

While I do not dispute your story, I do not believe any of it took place on ham radio.