Letters to the Editor

Profiling: It's your clothes, not your race

I need to speak to a letter published in The Bee recently ("Local cops racially profile blacks," Aug. 4).

I am a black man who has raised a family and lived here for the past 17 years. This city is just like any other city of its size in America. My wife and kids grow and prosper here, as well as attend church and school here. There is a certain amount of racism that goes on; however, as I continue to treat everyone as I would like to be treated, I find the police to be fair.

If you are dressed as the hip-hop generation dresses, then you will be pulled over. This is a profile of any individual who looks the part.

If I am dressed and driving like a gangster, then I expect to be looked at as someone who needs to be investigated. I recommend this town to any family.

Be realistic and try to have a good town, a place to be proud of where we're able to go out and eat, shop and raise kids. If we start to describe this town as a positive, clean-cut community, then others will follow suit.