Letters to the Editor

How did writer's husband get here?

In response to "Illegal immigrants should be deported" (July 30, Letters): The writer does not state how her husband came to the United States. By the number of years (20) he has been here legally, it sounds like he became a legal resident when President Reagan granted amnesty.

As soon as we start living the American dream we forget, or pretend to forget, how we got here and start judging people. Would the writer still want illegals to be deported if it was 20 years ago and her husband was about to get deported? I could understand such comments coming from a John Smith, but with a name such as Gonzales it's ridiculous to be bashing your own people. Retrace your husband's steps and your own on how you got to this country.

We are all descendents of immigrants, whether legal or illegal. You should be glad we are already here and are not going away, or else your husband wouldn't be here!