Letters to the Editor

We have a problem with law-breakers

I would like to respond to the July 30 column ("Immigration debate turning anti-Latino," Page B-5) by Ruben Navarrette Jr., who states that the recent movement against illegal immigration is based on racism. I believe the recent public outcry against the immigration "reform" proposed by Congress is rather based on respect and appreciation of the law and for law enforcement.

First, there is no need for immigration reform. There are plenty of laws for immigration. Americans are demanding the laws be enforced. Second, most citizens detest criminal activity and those who commit crimes, no matter the nationality or color of the criminal. Third, most Americans do not blame the illegal immigrant who wishes to make a living here instead of Mexico. Mexico is a dictatorship and the poor live in very desperate conditions. However, Americans do not appreciate the groups who are trying to organize protests demanding rights and sometimes more for those who are here illegally.

Finally, any city declaring itself a sanctuary for illegal immigrants should be cut off from federal funding.

To put it simply, Mr. Navarrette, it's illegalism, not racism.