Letters to the Editor

Vacant grocery store has customers

As the unauthorized and unofficial nonelected spokesperson for the northeast Modesto area, which has been without a large grocery store since Rick's (formerly Richland and Alpha Beta) went belly-up, I sincerely urge someone in the business to consider reopening our supermarket building at Coffee Road and Orangeburg Avenue.

There are a lot of longtime older residents in our area, and for some it's tough to have to make a long trek for groceries. I've lived in my former farmhouse for more than 35 years; being without a store to buzz down to for that last-minute item is a real drag.

We don't need a Raley's or an O'Brien's, and I don't particularly want an R-N or Sam's, but something in between, like a Richland or a Michotti's, would be perfect for our graying demographic. A good selection, friendly staff, clean floors and fully stocked shelves would be most welcome and is long overdue.