Letters to the Editor

We can do better with medical care

Michael Moore's movie "Sicko" has aroused conflicting passions about how we should finance health care in America. One view is that most major illnesses are self-inflicted. That's probably true. But, if gluttony was a factor in whether I got medical care, I would be dead. We can't deny medical care to people just because they eat too much fast food.

It's not like insuring automobiles. Millions of Americans go to an early grave because of lack of medical insurance, a fact that cannot be denied.

Medical care is not cheap. Most doctors want a good paycheck. Hospital and pharmaceutical costs can send medical care beyond the reach of millions of Americans. The present system is not fair and the piecemeal costs are extravagant. If Moore is wrong, who has a better idea?

I trust government bureaucracy to manage health care more than big business because there is no profit motive and no one gets rejected just because they get sick or because they have a pre-existing condition.

The common complaint about medical care in other countries seems to be slow access. Heck! As Moore says, "We can take the best and leave the worst." We can do better.