Letters to the Editor

Gingrich thumps the senator on Fox

The July 29 "Fox News Sunday" program had two guests, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis. Gingrich was dynamic in discussing problems facing public education. He offered new ideas and solutions. When asked about the situation in Iraq, he was brilliant in describing the circumstances that would prevail if we were to leave prematurely and leave the citizens of Iraq to al-Qaida.

The segment with Feingold was no less interesting. When asked by host Chris Wallace why he was still trying to prove some sort of wrongdoing in the replacement of U.S. attorneys, Feingold answered that while he has no proof, hearings might find something. Pertaining to Iraq, the senator was not that interested in Gen. David Petraeus' report in September, nor did he grasp the consequences of premature withdrawal. What interests the senator is pursuing a censure motion against President Bush. When reminded that he had attempted this before and failed, Feingold launched into a litany of charges against the president.

Feingold has been touted as one of the "bright lights" of the American left. But, like others of his ilk, he has let hatred of Bush cloud his judgement and endanger America.