Letters to the Editor

Dogfighting barbaric and vicious

Michael Vick was indicted for raising, training and providing dogs (pit bulls) to fight other dogs. Bad Newz Kennels has sponsored dogfighting since 2001. The charge is a federal felony and, if found guilty, he should be properly punished.

The pictures displayed on TV are gruesome and barbaric. What wasn't shown, but was reported, was that some losing dogs were put to death by drowning, strangulation, hanging, gunshots, electrocution and slamming them to the ground. Are these not the acts of a deranged mind?

In contrast, how can abortions be justified or tolerated? Are humans of less value than a dog? Abortion, by whatever means, is cruel and barbaric. I'm not making reference to a decision that a certified physician must make when a mother or baby's life is at risk.

There are 1.3 million abortions performed in the United States each year. The aborted babies don't receive a decent burial. Some dogs do.

If the federal government knew of these dogfights in 2001, and they claim dogfighting is widespread, why is it just making the news? Is Michael Vick the "top dog" in this dogfighting barbarism? Who are those persons who travel from all over the United States to participate in this illegal, barbaric activity with $30,000 to $40,000 to bet on a dogfight? What about cockfighting? What about cage fighting?