Letters to the Editor

Firefighters got to park in 6 min.

In response to "Firefighters delay: They hate park" (July 28, Letters), I felt it important to correct erroneous statements made by the writer. On July 18, the Modesto Fire Department responded to the Modesto Mobile Village for a mobile home fire. From the time the Emergency Dispatch Center received the request for help to the time the first fire engine arrived was 6 minutes, 19 seconds. This includes dispatch processing time and 4 minutes, 37 seconds travel time to the park. Each of these times is recorded by the Stanislaus Regional 911 computer system.

The mission of the Modesto Fire Department is to serve everyone in this community with the highest level of dignity, respect and compassion. As the fire chief, I am extremely proud of the men and women of the Modesto Fire Department and the timely, professional and caring service they provide. I encourage anyone who is concerned with the service they receive to contact me personally. Feedback is essential to our continuous improvement.


fire chief, Modesto Fire Department