Letters to the Editor

Potter fan still can't cast a spell

Along with millions of other muggles, I am breaking into my new Harry Potter book, willing to be enchanted by Harry's spell. I believe in his magic — the power of fun, hope and goodwill.

Almost a decade ago, when Harry Potter's magic first captured and delighted audiences, some muggles tried to ban him. They feared he would push their children down that slippery slope straight into the devil's fiery furnace, by teaching them the Dark Arts. Perhaps if they sent a misbehaving Potterreading child to bed without any supper, he might conjure up chocolate frogs, gluttonize on magic jelly beans and then run through the wall to join friends for a wild ride on broomsticks in the moonlight. Horrors! What's a parent to do?

Well, put your minds at ease. I read every word of those Potter books, and I still can't do those things. But if I ever do learn to fly a broomstick, what is so terrible about that? Broomstick travel would certainly improve our air quality.