Letters to the Editor

Michael Bloomberg for president

It appears that since the health care industry is donating prodigious amounts of money to the Democrats as well as the Republicans that we cannot expect a single-payer health plan in the near future. The three Democratic candidates for president who have plans for a single-payer system combined have less support than either of the leading candidates. This makes us wonder if we shouldn't consider supporting someone such as Mike Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, a noted problemsolver and with $20 billion of his own. Presumably, he would not cater to the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

We are told that he is not such a popular fellow, but we are also told that he gets things done. He enforced strong anti-smoking rules, took trans-fat out of the restaurants, closed some surplus firehouses and took on a powerful teachers union. That strikes me as a man who likes to solve problems. Wasn't it the great mayor of New York City, long ago, who reminded us, "There is no Republican or Democratic way to sweep streets"?