Letters to the Editor

Don't use volunteers; hire workers

I question why the Gallo Center for the Arts is asking for hundreds of volunteers when there are so many people who need a job and want to work even for minimum wage. I thought the center would mean jobs for people. I would understand if it was going to be a struggling small theater, but this is a large theater that's going to charge big-ticket prices. According to The Bee, volunteers won't even be given a free ticket for their one-year commitment.

We need jobs for people, but it seems like everyone wants volunteers. Don't get me wrong, volunteers for places like Hospice and the Red Cross are wonderful — but people are starting to take advantage of a good heart. Kaiser is asking for volunteers to work when they certainly have the money to pay. Catholic Charities is another one, they used to have ads in The Bee to hire people, now they want volunteers to clean houses for the elderly.