Letters to the Editor

Look to Mideast for water policy

You had several letters from Bay Area bigwigs and others about the need to increase their water flow and quality. They say it is a very complex problem. I beg to differ; the answer is very simple, but not as easy as stealing someone else's water. All you have to do is research what happened to the Owens Valley and the Colorado River watershed; it will curl most honest people's hair.

The simplest solution has been in use for decades in the Middle East. All you need to do is tell the Bay Area and Southern California that they have 10 years and then their water supply will be cut by one-third. After five more years it is cut by a total of two-thirds. After five more years, the water supply is shut down completely, forever.

We need to tell them right now to go to the Middle East and see how they desalinate sea water. If is too expensive to do that, then put a 100 percent tax on all new structures until they can afford it.