Letters to the Editor

Police always tell us not to get involved

What irony! The police praising citizens for defending an attacked police officer ("Citizens defend attacked officer," July 25, Page A-1).

Three years ago I witnessed a beer run taking place at the am-pm on Taylor Road and Golden State Boulevard in Turlock. I decided to do something to prevent this theft by chasing two male suspects out the door, hopping inside their still-running car, turning off the engine and taking their keys back into the store with me, preventing a getaway. They left without the car and the female driver still inside.

What did I get from the responding police officers? A stern scolding and reprimand for getting involved and putting myself in danger, because "they could have been armed." This is why the police get the "apathy" they mentioned in your article. Police tell you, "Don't get involved, just get information." Why should we even try, if they are going to scold you for doing so?