Letters to the Editor

We can do something about gas prices

Your editorial "Price of gas going up; get ready to yell 'gouge' " (July 9) had some timely facts. However, your conclusion is almost like saying, "Throw up your hands, nothing we can do."

We consumers are a very powerful force. Don't buy gas today or Sunday. As we choose to exert an impact and correction of the supply and demand, the effect can't be prevented. That's something within our capabilities.

The price of gas has dropped some at the same time the oil companies have said it won't due to refineries being off-line, the war in Iraq and the weather. This speculation prompts the "nothing we can do" response that the oil industry wants.

Billion-dollar profits with no ensuing improvement in the production process shows the priorities of those benefitting from high prices. If the oil industry goes to more extremes in controlling the supply, our response as consumers might bring forth a leader like Teddy Roosevelt. The governmental process is set up to respond to "We the people."

Don't buy gas today or Sunday. Pass the word, put a sign in your car; let's do what's within our immediate capabilities.