Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 9, 2019

How to make America great again

President Trump, you claim Hunter Biden was given a position and earned lots of money while knowing nothing. The same could be said of Jared and Ivanka.

You claim Democratic candidate and former Vice President Biden was corrupt in demanding the removal of a Ukrainian prosecutor who wasn’t going after corruption. Let me get this straight: he demanded removal of a prosecutor who was not going after corruption. If Biden was protecting his son, wouldn’t he want that prosecutor to stay in place?

You attack the whistleblower, who your own appointee said followed the law. The release of your phone call transcript with the Ukrainian president confirmed the accusations.

Mr. President, you got greedy. You made a corrupt demand of a foreign leader one day after Special Counsel Mueller testified to your campaign’s corruption and obstruction of justice. You thought, “There is nothing I can’t do.” Well, you’ve been caught. You’ve even publicly admitted your corruption. All of your feeble attacks and threats of civil war if you are removed are laughable.

Mr. President, make America great again. Do the right thing. Resign!

Gary W. Kinard, Gustine

Who isn’t tired of this chaos?

It’s time for the upcoming season of “Celebrity Apprentice Presidential Edition” to be canceled. The viewing public is exhausted.

I have to believe that Democrats, independents and Republicans are growing tired of all the chaos surrounding Trump and his administration. Sure, the economy is holding for now but there are values more important than money to consider — pride for our country; moral, strong and fair leadership; and calmness in our everyday life, to name a few.

For those elected Republicans afraid of a mean tweet or risk of job loss, there is life after politics, whether retirement or finding other employment. Are your spouses or partners and children on board with your views? If they’re embarrassed, shouldn’t that concern you?

Snatch your soul back. Be courageous and patriotic and join us to tell Trump: “You’re Fired!”

Yvonne Hudson, Modesto

Trump sure did change things

When President Trump was first elected, he promised that he would bring big changes to a corrupt political system. He said he was the only one who could fix it. He has delivered on that promise:

  • It is now OK to pressure foreign governments to dig up dirt on political rivals.
  • It is now OK to withhold tax returns and continue to profit from hotels and other businesses while president.
  • It is now OK to separate children from their parents at the southern border and damage their mental health in order to deter asylum seekers.
  • It is now OK for a president to publicly denigrate U.S. intelligence agencies and the very existence of a free press.
  • It is now OK for a U.S. president to lie so often that his word cannot be trusted.

Big changes! Do we have a democratic republic, or a dictatorship, or a monarchy?

Paul Neumann, Modesto

Careful what you hope for

The president is expecting a major civil war if he is impeached. Hopefully it would cause a massive epidemic of bone spurs.

Glenore Flanders, Turlock