Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Monday, April 1: Stephon Clark, Medicare for All, The Wall

Code of Silence is bad for good cops

Anyone who believes the edited version of the Sacramento Police shooting of Stephon Clark hasn’t studied cops. Studies indicate cops have socially dysfunctional tendencies which include habitual and compulsive lying. All cops are people; some lie for no reason and some for good reason.

Faith in the system must exist if the average citizen is expected to cooperate with law enforcement. This is as real as the men and women of police departments killed or injured in the line of duty.

The Blue Code of Silence is not a myth or just a book title; it is a double-edged sword that may protect cops, but also prevents good cops from reporting bad cops. Cops lying to protect other cops is akin to acting as a spy and undermines everything this country stands for. As we learn how divided America is today, police work is one of the last bastions of honor and must be protected.

The recently reelected District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert is a winner-take-all politician with tremendous ambition. Having heard her speak, it’s impossible not to believe the decision not to charge the cops is a political maneuver. The $20 million lawsuit may be the only thing the cops and Schubert fear.

Jorge Martinez, Newman

Medicare for All would boost taxes

If you like your health insurance plan from your employer, new congressman Josh Harder is not your friend.

Harder is a House Democrat who supports the Medicare for All plan, which would abolish private health insurance, taking it away from at least 175 million Americans. You can’t keep your health insurance plan because Harder and his band of liberal congress members and bureaucratic busybodies don’t want you to.

According to one study, Medicare for All would cost $32 trillion over the next decade, or $3.2 trillion per year, raising taxes drastically on the middle class. Just assisting the seniors it was designed to cover, Medicare is already projected to run deficits in the tens of trillions of dollars over the next four decades, according to the program’s trustees.

So here’s the idea of Harder and his pals: Let’s kick 175 million people off their private health insurance and stick them under a federal program about to run deficits into the tens of trillions of dollars. This is beyond crazy and stupid.

Mary Park, Tracy

Let’s pay for the wall

The left has effectively slowed the building of the wall. Since there are more reasons and supporters for the wall, let’s counter-punch! Conservative talk-show hosts can challenge their audiences by establishing a Wall Building Fund.

Let’s see how quickly that wall will be built — with a surplus!

M.L. Fries, Oakdale

Spirituality is the answer

The boldest of headlines are utilized daily by news media depicting crimes. I tend to shy away from reading them. My maker promised me a joyful life, with caveats of course. Evil must not suppress human kindness.

We all are aware of the facts and statistics, so is there a remedy? Perhaps not.

Everyone, in my opinion, should start with some deep personal soul searching, prayer and worship.

Gene Guzman, Modesto