Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 21, 2019 | What were Flora, Galgiani doing in Hawaii?

What were local politicians doing at Hawaii resort?

The New York Times on Jan. 5, published an article (“As fire ravaged California, utilities lobbied lawmakers for protection”) about a meeting of state lawmakers who met in November 2018 with representatives of several California utilities at a posh resort hotel in Wailea, Maui.

Consumerwatchdog.org noted among those attending were Assemblyman Heath Flora and state Senator Cathleen Galgiani. Ten other lawmakers, some of whom may have also accepted campaign contributions from the utilities, also attended. According to the article, the lawmakers held key committee assignments at the time deciding the fate of legislation determining who pays for 2017 wildfires when the cause is determined to be utility company-owned equipment.

Even if our local legislators paid their own way and took no campaign contributions, are Flora and Calgiani really so clueless as to the optics of such meetings in the eyes of the people they represent?

Perhaps they can explain why this meeting was held in such a far-away tropical paradise to begin with. Apparently, while these lawmakers and utility company big shots were enjoying their Hawaiian interlude, the Camp Wildfire was blazing out of control. Even PG&E had sense enough at the last minute to cancel their reservations and not attend this soirée. Imagine that.

Rick Raef, Modesto

Wall won’t stop America’s most dangerous

What is all this noise that Donald Trump and his deplorables are making about a wall?

Would this wall have stopped a blond, blue-eyed ex-Marine from going up a college tower and shooting and killing college students in Austin, Texas? Would it have stopped a crazy kid from killing 20 kindergartners in Connecticut? Would this wall have stopped a fool from killing 50 and wounding over 200 concert-goers in Las Vegas? Would this wall have stopped the shooter who killed 14 students in Parkland, Fla., or the shooter who killed 40 people in a Florida nightclub?

Look in the mirror Trump deplorables, you are the enemy of U.S. citizens.

George Garcia, Modesto

Awards shows are quite revealing

When I see the way ladies on these televised awards shows are dressed, I understand why TV is called the boob tube.

John Stott, Modesto