Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 8, 2019 | Officer’s death shows need for wall

If we had a wall, we’d be safer

I would like to congratulate the California legislature for making California a sanctuary state. The same for Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Chuch Schumer and other Democrats and Republicans alike, “now” deciding a wall on our Southern Border is inhumane, immoral and unneeded – even after these same people approved $26 billion last year for a wall.

Now they state we need no borders. Tell this to the Ronil Singh family. The Newman police officer killed on Christmas by an illegal alien. Tell this to the many families and their children that have had family members murdered by illegals and killed by the drugs being brought into this country from Mexico. Not to mention the expense to the taxpayers paying for the support and incarceration of these people and their families, while we (taxpayers) have our taxes increased and do without.

When are we citizens going to get fed up by the actions of these politicians, treating us like children and thinking “they” know what is best for us rather than representing out wants and needs?

Yes sir. All you people should be proud of yourselves. You just hope this doesn’t spill over into your personal life.

Samuel H. Newnam,


Editor’s note: The 115th Congress approved $1.6 billion for new border security in its $1.3 trillion spending bill passed in 2018.

A sanity test: He ran, didn’t he?

How could Mendoza be mentally incompetent to stand trial if he was able to find his way to Bakersfield?

Eric B. Terry, Ripon

A monument in Trump’s true image

The southern wall that Trump wants to build is a perfect monument to him – totally ineffective, expensive and even pointy headed.

Jack Heinsius, Modesto

Editor’s note: Paulo Mendoza is the accused murderer of Newman police officer Ronsil Singh.

Trump’s a true 3-D superhero

As the new year begins, I was thinking how lucky we all are to have Mr. Donald Trump as our president. Evidently a lot of citizens believe him to be some kind of hero, and by gosh maybe they’re right. In fact I’d say he’s probably a Super Hero. I think his new name should be 3-D Man – Despicable, Dishonest and Dishonored.

His super-power? His ability to lie about anything and everything with a straight face. Every day he fights the evil forces of Truth and Decency, never once thinking of himself. We are truly not worthy.

While it might be a little early, with a little luck and a lot of apathy we may be rewarded with another chance to return this champion of the people to power. One can only hope.

Michael King, Modesto