Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018

Schools should have been closed

Last month, many colleges were closed almost half of the month due to poor air quality but local children were required to attend school. While the argument was made the schools were saving money, the fact is they remained open because it pays to have students. All public schools receive funds daily for each student in attendance. These choices were made to avoid losing money. But at the risk to our kids’ health, the cost is too high.

There should be state and local regulations mandating closure of all K-12 schools if the air quality index is at 151 or over. If AQI is unhealthy, high schools should close. In order to retain funds and to meet state standards, days can be added to the end of the year – like snow days in other areas.

Keeping kids inside is not a realistic option because they are exposed to unhealthy AQI levels to attend. Air quality and wildfires will continue to be an issue. Let’s place the health of our next generation before profit.

Heather Smart, Modesto

Editor’s note: Many school districts reasoned it would be healthier for students to attend school, remaining indoors the entire day, than to be out of school and exposed to bad air.

Wrong to threaten those on council

A few uninformed citizens verbally abused and threatened the city council Nov. 27. Their behavior disrupted and offended the democratic process. They have a right to question the city council, but they don’t have a right to abuse or threaten anyone. Council members are citizens working for us. They want to do their best for Modesto. Would you verbally abuse or threaten an employee or member of a service club or church?

Do or say something positive if you want to make Modesto a better place. Visit the city’s website and read what’s going on. Get informed and find a way to be constructive. Drive courteously, obey traffic laws, pick up trash, perk up landscaping and put leaves in the green barrel. It’s not complicated. Show Modesto some love.

Tim Ragsdale, Modesto

Spend the money fixing America

The United States is in a crisis due to the natural disasters. We should not spend our country’s money on those seeking to enter from elsewhere. Common sense dictates that it is time to close entry, secure our borders and support our country’s people first and foremost.

Marie McCool, Modesto

Forget immigrants, deport criminals

Studies have consistently shown that immigrants, legal and illegal, commit crimes, including violent crimes, at lower rates than natural-born citizens. The solution is clear. We should start deporting natural-born citizens! And start at the top.

Dwight Horning, Modesto