Letters to the Editor

Best mayor for Turlock? It’s Bublak. It’s Soiseth.

Bublak clearly best pick for mayor

I am excited to support Amy Bublak for mayor of Turlock. When I met Amy in 2009, I was impressed with her accessibility and genuine passion for Turlock. She consults community members before taking action on issues to ensure the interests of the majority are being served. Fairness and transparency are critical for Amy: she wants assurance that taxpayers’ concerns are fully represented, no surprises or inequities. One can expect the same accountability from her that she expects from others.

Amy is uniquely qualified to lead as Turlock’s mayor. She holds a degree in public administration (Stanislaus State), has served on Turlock’s City Council since 2008, and was a police officer for 20-plus years. During her council tenure she has supported revitalization of our schools, parks and arts centers while addressing water, jobs, infrastructure and public safety. She was appointed vice mayor three times. She can handle the demands of the job.

Watch Amy’s videos on Facebook or contact her with questions: there is no topic she’s unwilling to discuss! I’m thrilled we have such a strong leader fighting on our behalf. Join me in voting for Amy Bublak!

Suzanne Houlden, Turlock

Soiseth clearly best pick for mayor

I watched the Turlock Journal debate and hands down Mayor Gary Soiseth showed a command of the issues. He had solid plans for water, roads and public safety. The other candidates gave high-level explanations, but didn’t fully explain their positions or how they were going to implement their ideas. Simply saying they don’t like the direction of city hall will not be enough if you want to actually lead our city. Voters deserve to hear solid plans.

Whether you agree with Mayor Soiseth or not, you can’t deny he was the only one with a command of the facts and knowledge of the details pertaining to the issues most important to Turlock. Join me in voting for Mayor Gary Soiseth, we need to continue his strong vision for our city.

Rachel Rojas, Turlock

Harder has been a standout all along

My introduction to Josh Harder was at Modesto High School over a decade ago. Josh was a student in my standard-level psychology course during his junior year. This class is one of many offered through the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Essentially, the courses are introductory university level.

From the beginning, Josh was a standout. He knew the subject, stayed current as the year progressed and ended the second semester at the top of his class. Josh was one of the brightest and most insightful students I had the privilege to mentor in my high school teaching career. Upon graduating from the IB program, Josh went to Stanford for his undergraduate degree and then Harvard for post-graduate work.

Josh is from our area. He understands and cares about the needs of his constituents and will not compromise his admirable principles for the Washington power brokers and their special-interest, wealthy enablers. Josh will represent us honorably in Washington. Honor is a rare character trait, and our nation’s capital is in great need of it today.

Alyn Robert Brereton, Modesto

Of course leftist Bee likes Harder

The Bee endorses socialist ideas by their endorsement of Josh Harder. Would you provide free advertising for all, abandon your for-profit business model in order to redistribute advertising power equally?

Similarly, Harder’s proposals – free healthcare for “all” via Medicare, debt-free college, meaningless citizenship, killing preborn babies – were all birthed in academia. They would bankrupt us. Medicare benefits “to all” misappropriates the program, breaching promises.

Free college? Individual responsibility accompanies choices. No one is forced to attend an expensive college; taxpayers should not have to underwrite personal debts.

The leftist platform includes: kill preborn babies, rob our liberties, push cradle-to-grave dependence on government through greater taxation. Harder’s committed to leftism. Harder remains for killing babies in utero. Let’s beware of losing one’s soul to gain the world.

The Bee is against what’s best for our community by endorsing Harder, who will break the literal and moral banks with his spending spree and pro-abortion agenda. I will vote for prolife Jeff Denham, and pray that clearer minds than The Bee’s prevail in November.

Jan Zarczynski, Ripon

Harder will stand up for Assyrians

Josh Harder will help the Assyrians who need healthcare, education and immigration access. As a husband, father and Assyrian, I know Josh understands my problems and concerns – access to affordable health care and education for my daughter. Josh’s commercials focus on giving people better healthcare, unlike his opponent who has mean-spirited intentions. My parents immigrated from Iraq to America for a better life, and not to be indifferent to racism, corruption and dishonesty. Jeff Denham votes with his party 98 percent of the time.

I support Harder because he is including the Assyrian community in his campaign. I saw Josh’s interview with local Assyrian TV and agreed with him on many issues, such as infrastructure and preserving our district’s water and helping refugees. He will help our future by advocating a better opportunity for young Assyrians. Every Assyrian has an opportunity to benefit from America and not be misled by irresponsible Rep. Denham. I will vote for Josh Harder because he cares about Assyrian Americans.

Sargon Eshaba, Modesto

Bee story biased against Denham

Re “Denham blasts ‘Bay Area Harder’ – but enjoys the coast, too” (Front Page, Sept. 29): Is The Bee’s coverage ridiculous or just bunk? Both would describe The Bee’s headline decrying Denham because he “Enjoys the coast.” The article should have been titled “Denham’s staff learns bipartisanship lessons.” Denham should be lauded for bringing Democrat Leon Panetta in to encourage civility.

Instead, The Bee criticizes him for spending $14,000 in the “Bay Area”! (Monterey). Good Grief! I spend thousands of dollars to see my beloved San Francisco Giants. As a conservative, am I duplicitous because I spend money in the liberal Bay Area? Of course not. Outside powerful forces are at work to replace our local veteran, farmer representative with a liberal voice in Washington. Harder, if elected, would vote in lockstep with the anti-growth Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat cabal. We have a chance to be represented by one who will honor our Valley’s conservative values. It’s not time to roll the dice with an untested newbie who only bothered to vote three times in 17 elections.

Timothy Warnock, Modesto

I’m through with Jeff Denham

I have been a devout and passionate Republican since I was 18. I voted for Rep. Jeff Denham when he first ran for office, believing him to be the Valley’s best hope as a local farmer and businessman. But that all ended with the elections in 2016.

Since then I feel betrayed and ashamed. As a diabetes nurse specialist, I feel strongly about people with chronic conditions being able to have affordable health care. I believed Rep. Denham when he said he would not vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act unless it included protection for people with pre-existing conditions. On May 4, 2017, Denham voted for the ACHA without a guarantee for those with pre-existing conditions.

Then I find out he is not local after all, having moved to Merced County from Salinas to run for election. About 98 percent of the time, he votes to support President Trump and the Republican Party. Jeff Denham has become what all Valley residents distrust – a career politician! I will no longer be lied to. Come Nov. 6, I will be voting for Josh Harder.

Diana Gail Jaycox, Waterford

Your actions speak louder than words

Re “Our ally in D.C.: Jeff Denham” (Letters, Sept. 19): I read with interest my friend’s letter supporting Jeff Denham, but I think it might be time for all the cops I worked with and other citizens to reevaluate what is ethical, professional and patriotic. In spite of police support, Denham enables Donald Trump to attack federal law enforcement, the Judiciary, the Department of Justice and the rule of law.

Trump’s conduct would have brought charges against anybody else, but he’s protected by Republican accomplices, including Denham. When NRA members profess to be patriots while their organization uses $30 million in laundered Russian money to elect Trump and when the RNC uses hacked data to support their candidates, it’s not patriotic, legal or ethical. Support at this cost isn’t worth it.

It’s not enough to say “I’m a patriotic American” and wave the flag, or to say I support law enforcement without supporting the true purpose of what those institutions stand for. You aren’t what you think you are. You are what you do. If you support people or organizations that blatantly break the law, you might not be an accomplice legally, but you may be one in reality.

Dale Hoagland, Modesto

Surprise, surprise, Bee backs Harder

Re “Trump’s weight crushing Denham; we pick Harder” (Page 1B, Sept. 30): I was shocked, stunned, and amazed to see The Bee’s support for Josh Harder over Jeff Denham!

Years ago my then young son would occasionally ask me if something I said was sarcasm. Were he to ask today, I would say, “Yes, son, that’s sarcasm.”

Ray Walker, Turlock

You must continue along narrow path

Some who are Catholic or Orthodox believe that once they have received their sacraments of initiation (Baptism, first Holy Communion and Confirmation), they are going to heaven simply by being Catholic or Orthodox. Some Protestants believe that because they went forward at a Billy Graham Crusade 20 years ago, they are saved. Who is right? Neither or both? Only God knows.

Our Lord teaches that heaven is not a thing to be achieved, but rather that faith is a relationship to be lived. It is a life of obedience and submission (unpopular concepts!) to a loving savior who gave His life for us. It does not compromise on what is true. It seeks justice and peace. It loves neighbors from Samaria.

It is readily apparent in Christendom that the church is going through a time of disciplining and purging of evil. It is time for Christians of all denominations to unify in opposition to evil. What is popular or politically correct is irrelevant. Who God is and what His will is for us is what matters.

Ross W. Lee, Modesto

Government can’t run healthcare

I am confused. My friends would say that isn’t surprising, but I have been thinking about this for some time and after a little research my confusion has intensified.

Last July I read an article in the Wall Street Journal by Rebecca Burgess who manages the Program on American Citizenship at the American Enterprise Institute. In the article she summarized the 198 years the government has been attempting to administer veterans benefits. She points out that, for the most part, they have not been very successful; especially with the Veterans Health Administration.

This lack of success stems from what she terms “pandemonium” associated with fraud, overspending and waste coupled with the counter productive work rules in the collective bargaining agreement with 250,000 VA employees and lobbying of various groups all contributing to the turmoil.

Per Google: 2 percent of living Americans have served the Armed Services and currently 0.4 percent are serving. Here comes the confusion. If, after almost two centuries, the federal government is unable to effectively run health care for a very small segment of our population, why would we expect them to run the health care for all of our 300 million people?

Charles Shetron, Oakdale